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29 October 2016 @ 12:01 am
Some drawings!  
Here's a few drawings from this year.  Did I really not draw anything in 2015?  I'm going to have to look around

First up, Jackson Wang from GOT7.  He is my favourite in the group, although JB is a close second.  He is so cute and funny.  His language skills are top notch too.  I am a bit saddened I did not follow GOT7 since debut.  I checked out Girls, Girls, Girls because I knew JB and JR from JJ Project, but it just wasn't my thing.  Only recently, with last year's Just Right, did I get into them.  Now, I like Girls, Girls, Girls, A, Ha Ha Hajima, etc.

I really need and want to practice light coloured hair but I just get so frustrated!

Next up is Cha Hakyeon, or N, from VIXX.  My friend is into them and introduced me to their music sometime last year (i think).  Whatever the case, N and Ravi are my favourites, although I look out for Leo because my friend loves him.

His neck is to DIE for (hence why his neck is on the Chained Up album cover art).  I also really liked his look and his hand.  If anyone knows me, they know that hands are the bane of my existance.  This was a nice way to practice.  He had a microphone that I thought took away from the pic so I took it out.  Not sure I got the shading to look ok without it though.  I am practicing using darker pencils and sticking though to make them really pop.  It seems that going darker intimidates me, but it is necessary in order for the white and highlights to really stand out.