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10 May 2035 @ 08:24 pm

There is no one who comes here specifically for my artwork, i am sure.  Any translations I post to communities.  Any subbed videos, unfortunately, are f-locked.  If for some reason you have stumbled across something you want to download i have no qualms with linking you up.  I don't sub much anyways.  Any of my artwork can be found using the tags to get to my DA so there are no worries.

EDIT: (as of June 13, 2010.  9:08 pm) ALSO!! I will NOT friend back empty journals!  If you have been on LJ for xx number of years yet have only 1 tag, 1 entry and maybe a few comments i see no reason to friend you back.
11 August 2030 @ 07:51 pm
So, i think maybe i should have a master list.  Or maybe this is me weaseling out of doing my work? No, that's not true.  I just like to be organized (why so many tags??? @_@ )


AU KDDI Summer 2010 Bed + Bathroom
Su-pu de Okoge 2010 CM
SHINee promotion of Inkigayo magazine for Japan 2010

Boku no Miteiru Fuukei Jweb Sho's message
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei Jweb Matsujun's Message
Phrase of the Week Ohno Jweb message to Matsujun (birthday)

Aiba Masaki - Friendship TRANSLATED Coming Soon!
Aiba Masaki - Itsuka no Summer
Aiba Masaki - Magical Song
Arashi - Believe TRANSLATED Coming Soon!
Arashi - Breathless Need to re-translate, lost translations somehow?
Arashi - Carry On
Arashi - Endless Game
Arashi - Face Down Need to re-translate, document on broken hard-drive
Arashi - Lotus
Arashi - Michi + Michi DOUBLE
Arashi - Tokei Jikake no Umbrella
Arashi - Wasurerarenai
Becky - Suki Dakara
Big Bang - Baby Baby
Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover
Big Bang - Somebody to Luv
Domoto Koichi - Danger Zone ~to the unknown world~
Miyavi - Coin Lockers Baby
Miyavi - Girls, Be ambitious
Miyavi - Onpu no Tegami
Miyavi - Ore-sama Shikou
Miyavi - Ossan Ossan Nanbo
Miyavi - ♂Papa Mama♀~Nozomarenu Baby~
Miyavi - Shikenkan Beibi-
Miyavi - Shokubutsu Ningen M no Te-ma
Moriyama Naotarou - Ohshima ~Rebound 88~ (Arashi ni Shiyagare 2013.08.17)
Ninomiya Kazunari - Gimmick Game
Ninomiya Kazunari - Niji
Ninomiya Kazunari - Sore wa Yappari Kimi Deshita
Ninomiya Kazunari - Mata Kyou to Onaji Asu ga Kuru NEW!!
Ohno Satoshi - Rain
Ohno Satoshi - Shizuka na Yoru ni Still translating
Ohno Satoshi - Top Secret
Ohno Satoshi - Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun
SHINee - Always Love
SHINee - Amigo (Jap)
SHINee - Better
SHINee - Hello (Jap)
SHINee - Kiss Kiss Kiss
SHINee - Love Like Oxygen (Jap)
SHINee - Lucifer (Jap)
SHINee - Replay ~Kimi was Boku no everything~
SHINee - To Your Heart
SHINee - The SHINee World (Jap)

FC pamphlet June 2004 Ohno page 1
FC pamphlet June 2004 Ohno page 2
FC June 2004 pamphlet scans
Anan 2010.12.22 TOP interview plus kanji+ kana

Subtitled Arashi videos:

Arashi no Waza-Ari 2004.07.31 -clip of Aiba hiccuping; first subbing attempt so translations are iffy
AU KDDI 2010 SP - where Nino wears a wig and there is some contemplative calls from other members
AU KDDI 2010.02.11 HnA Valentine Day SP intro
AU KDDI Summer 2010 Bathroom
AU KDDI Summer 2010 Bedroom
Ousama no Brunch 2010.07.03
HITACHI CM 2010 ~inspire the next~


Title: Hands
Pairings: Ohmiya
Rating: G (fluff?)
Type: One-shot
Summary: Their hands were destined to be together
Disclaimer: Johnny owns these beautiful boys XD  I am just a mere fan writing a fanfic ^^;

“Oh-chan,” Nino breathed into his ear, “We fit nicely, ne?”


****clicking the date (highlighted in olive green) will bring you to the entry. Clicking the name (highlighted in correspondence with assigned member colors) will bring you to the picture.  The dates do not correspond with the dates of the entries, but the drawings themselves (except in cases where i failed to sign with the date, then it is dated the day i posted it) ****

How many times I have drawn each member; a reference for myself:
Ohno - 4
Sho - 5
Aiba - 4
Nino - 7
Matsujun - 4

2009.05.05 - Ninomiya Kazunari (sister's b-day gift)
2009.05.12 - Sakurai Sho
2009.07.01 - Ninomiya Kazunari
2009.07.11 - Ohno Satoshi
2009.07.1 6 - Ninomiya Kazunari (Ashita no Kioku/ Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~)
2009.07.28 - Matsujun
2009.08.02 - Aiba Masaki
2009.08.04 - Sakurai Sho (imitation drawings)
2009.08.16 - Ninomiya Kazunari (zombie ver.)
2009.09.0 1 - Matsujun
2009.09.0 5 - Kenichi Matsuyama (as L)
2009.10. 19 - Aiba Masaki (My Girl coffee painting)
2009.11.16 - Ohno Satoshi (digital painting)
2009.12.05 - Sakurai Sho (My Girl)

2010.03.01 - Sakurai Sho (An An)
2010.06.03 - Ninomiya Kazunari (soya sauce painting)
2010.07.19 - Ninomiya Kazunari (20 hr digital painting)
2010.09.11 - Aimiya (Kiss - Concert fancam)
2010.11.22 - T.O.P (chibi)
2010.12.01 - Taylor Swift (commission)

2011.03.07 - GD + TOP (Kiss)
2011.04.03 - Miura Haruma (Gokusen era)
2011.04.06 - Kim Jonghyun (Ring Ding Dong era)
2011.08.13 - Kim Junsu
2011.10.03 - Taeyang (mom's b-day gift)

2012.06.13 - Seungho + B+W
2012.08.22 - Eunhyuk
2012.08.23 - Matsujun
2012.12.18 - Choi Siwon

2013.05.05 - Jonghyun
2013.05.25 - Ohno Satoshi
2013.05.25 - Sakuraiba (kiss from VS Arashi)
2013.07.22 - Miyavi
2013.08.07/08 - Matsujun
2013.11.05 - Seto Kouji
2013.11.06 - Ohno Satoshi
2013.11.18 - TOP (DOOM DADA)

2014.01.01 - Hongki
2014.02.17 - Jensen Ackles

2016.01.08 - Jackson Wang NEW!!
2016.10.03 - Cha Hakyeon (N) NEW!!

Pimp posts:

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01 July 2030 @ 02:39 am

Name: Megan
Age: 22
Location: middle-ish of Canada~ The frozen wasteland that my fav artists never come to~

Hobbies: drawing, reading, writing, translating, singing, collecting, gaming, Stepmania
Fav artists: Arashi, Miyavi, SHINee, Big Bang, 2PM, MBLAQ, Super Junior, Jang Geun Suk, An Cafe, Koike Teppei, Tokio Hotel, t.A.T.u
Fav shows: Anything by Arashi :p CSI: Las Vegas BEFORE they cut every character out :/, 2pm Show, Idol Army
Fav movies/drama: Anything by Arashi, Love*Com, Fight Club, You're Beauitful...
Fav clothing line: SEXPOT ReVeNGe!!!!

Food: sushi, pizza, lasagna, fajitas, stirfry
Drink: lychee pop, green apple pop, Ramune, green tea with apple, apple cider, pepsi, iced tea, any weird flavor not normally seen :p

About me: Just a girl who spends way too much time on the computer doing nothing really. Can get quite obsessive and fangirly but generally pretty quiet. Goes on rants about work but hasn't in a while.

That's all i can think of. O_O
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29 October 2016 @ 12:01 am
Here's a few drawings from this year.  Did I really not draw anything in 2015?  I'm going to have to look around

First up, Jackson Wang from GOT7.  He is my favourite in the group, although JB is a close second.  He is so cute and funny.  His language skills are top notch too.  I am a bit saddened I did not follow GOT7 since debut.  I checked out Girls, Girls, Girls because I knew JB and JR from JJ Project, but it just wasn't my thing.  Only recently, with last year's Just Right, did I get into them.  Now, I like Girls, Girls, Girls, A, Ha Ha Hajima, etc.

I really need and want to practice light coloured hair but I just get so frustrated!

Next up is Cha Hakyeon, or N, from VIXX.  My friend is into them and introduced me to their music sometime last year (i think).  Whatever the case, N and Ravi are my favourites, although I look out for Leo because my friend loves him.

His neck is to DIE for (hence why his neck is on the Chained Up album cover art).  I also really liked his look and his hand.  If anyone knows me, they know that hands are the bane of my existance.  This was a nice way to practice.  He had a microphone that I thought took away from the pic so I took it out.  Not sure I got the shading to look ok without it though.  I am practicing using darker pencils and sticking though to make them really pop.  It seems that going darker intimidates me, but it is necessary in order for the white and highlights to really stand out.

28 October 2016 @ 11:39 pm
I can't believe I have been inactive for 2 years! I haven't really drawn or translated this entire time. I think I will make a catch-up post, but then again I may not. I don't really think anyone reads them *shrugs*

Anywho, I love Nino's new solo and I just had to translate it!  I haven't seen any translations anywhere so i thought I would give it a go.  I had to relay on someone else's Japanese lyrics so I hope there are no typos there. It's been a while since I seriously buckled down and translated, so errors are to be expected. I welcome all corrections and feedback (please!!)

あの頃 僕が見てた 君はどんな色だっけな
思い出し色づく ほんの少し泣きたくなった

無限に感じた 時間に作り上げた
ちょっと怖くて 取り出せなくって

胸の鼓動の高鳴りた 二人一緒に身を任せて
夢中になるまで一瞬だった そんな日々が懐かしくて
どうすれば思い出せる? どうすれば忘れられる?

Tell me...何だか眠れない夜に頭の中くすぐられてるような
ねえ、どこを掻いたら治まるの? So tell me, tell me...
あれもこれも欲しくなった 欲望に襲われた僕には
もう一度kミニ笑顔を。。。?Oh tell me, tell me...

声を聴かせて 忘れられるよう
僕の中でまだ君の声は 特別なままそこにいるんだ
声を聴かせて 忘れられるよう

鏡に映り込んだ 冴えない顔を見て
情けない 仕方がない 君の所為だと言い訳した

無限に感じた 時間に作り上げた
かけがえのない 瞬間を
もう見たくなくて 夜空に投げた


声を聴かせて 前を向けるよう
声を聴かせて 明日にいけるよう
考えつく全てに僕らは 考えて行かんきやいけないんだ

Tell me...何だか眠れない夜に頭の中くすぐられてるような
ねえ、どこを掻いたら治まるの? So tell me, tell me...
あれもこれも欲しくなった 輝きに満ちあふれた世界は

声を聴かせて 忘れられるよう
僕の中でまだ君の声は 特別なままそこにいるんだ
声を聴かせて 忘れられるよう

Ano koro Boku ga miteta Kimi wa donna iro dakke na
Omoidashi irozuku Honno sukoshi nakitakunatta

Mugen ni kanjita Jikan ni tsukuriageta
Takusan no kimi no kakera
Chotto kowakute Toridasenakutte

Mune no kodou no takanarita Futari issho ni mi wo makasete
Muchuu ni naru made isshun datta Sonna hibi ga natsukashikute
Dou sureba omoidaseru? Dou sureba wasurareru?

tell me...Nandaka nemurenai yoru ni Atama no naka kusugurareteru you na
Nee, doko wo kaitara osamaru no? So tell me, tell me
Are mo kore mo hoshikunatta Yokubou ni osowareta boku ni wa
Mou ichido kimi ni egao wo...? Oh tell me, tell me

Koe wo kikasete Wasurareru yo
Boku no naka de mada kimi no koe wa Tokubetsu na mama soko ni iru'n da
Koe wo kikasete Wasurareru yo
Mou furikaesu Mae wo mukeru you ni

Kagami ni utsurikonda Saenai kao wo mite
Nasakenai Shikata ga nai Kimi no shoi dato ii wakeshita

Mugen ni kanjiteta Jikan ni tsukuriageta
Kakegae no nai Shunkan wo
Mou mitakunakute Yozora ni nageta

Mune no kodou no takanari ga imada aru boku ga nasakenaku
Kimi wo wasureru tame ni mae ni mienai ashita wo sagashiteru kedo
Nani ga hajimaru you na... Nani ga owaru you na...

Koe wo kikasete Mae wo mukeru you
Sekai ni tojikomerarenai you itsu datte agaki kurushimu'n da
Koe wo kikasete Asu ni ikeru you
Kangaetsuku subete ni bokura wa Kangaete ikanakiya ikenai'n da

tell me...Nandaka nemurenai yoru ni Atama no naka kusugurareteru you na
Nee, doko wo kaitara osamaru no? So tell me, tell me
Are mo kore mo hoshikunatta Kagayaki ni michi afureta sekai wa
Doko wo tadoreba mitsukaru no...?

Koe wo kikasete Wasurareru you
Boku no naka de mada kimi no koe Tokubetsu na mama soko ni iru'n da
Koe wo kikasete Wasurareru you
Mata kyou to onaji asu ga kuru

I saw it back then; what colour were you again?
My memories unfold; I wanted to weep a little

I felt infinity. I made up time
A collection of your fragments
I'm a bit afraid and (so) I can no longer remove them

My chest throbbed violently, leaving only us together
It was a moment to become unreasonable. Those days are nostalgic
How should I remember it? How can I forget it?

tell me...Somehow during the sleepless night it burns* within my mind.
Hey, where can i do to lessen this pain**? So tell me, tell me...
I ended up wanting this and that. I was stricken with desire
To see you smile once more...? Oh tell me, tell me

Let me hear your voice so that I can forget
Your voice still remains ingrained within me; it's still there
Let me hear your voice so that I can forget
So that I can reminisce and move on already

I can see my lifeless face reflected in the mirror
It's pathetic, it's no use because you made excuses for your actions

I felt infinity. I made up time
I don't want another look
At the irreplaceable moments and (so) I threw them to the night sky

My chest is still throbbing violently. There I am, miserable
Even though I am looking forward to the unforseeable future in order to forget you
So something can start...So something can end...

Let me hear your voice so that I can move on
So I cannot be confined to the world. I always struggle to gasp
Let me hear your voice so that I can go towards tomorrow
You must not go and think about everything we thought of. (not sure of this at all?)

tell me...Somehow during the sleepless night it burns* within my mind.
Hey, where can i do to lessen this pain**? So tell me, tell me...
I ended up wanting this and that. The world was filled with radiance
If I were to trace where, could I find it...?

Let me hear your voice so that I can forget
Your voice still remains ingrained within me; it's still there
Let me hear your voice so that I can forget
The same tomorrow as today will also come

*---> actually 'tickles', but I didn't like how it sounded
**---> actually 'itch', but again, I didn't like how it sounded.

This song seems a lot sadder/angsty than it sounds.  Did he write this one himself?  I know that each member supervised songs but I don't know who wrote what.  I can't afford any albums or anything so it's always a mystery until someone posts about it.  I hope I was able to properly convery the right emotions and thoughts for this song!  I'm off to put this on repeat!
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19 February 2014 @ 01:29 am
I forgot to post this.  This was the first drawing of the year!!  A challenge, mostly because of the angle of his head, but also because of the white hair.

19 February 2014 @ 01:23 am
I haven't really started the year the way I wanted to art-wise, but at least I've done something. A co-worker commissioned me. In total, it was 80 bucks, but because I had told him lower I let him have it for 60. I had discussed my pricing with my friend and she said it sounded reasonable. 30 bucks as a base price and then 14 bucks an hr after that. The 30 covers supplies, interest and research (if necessary). The 14/hr is my current rate of pay as a cashier, so it covers the time taken.

Here's the commission piece. It was based off many Google images of dinosaur birds.  It was fun to draw scales.  Interesting.


I also did this the other day.  I decided to finally watch Supernatural.,. I knew about the shoow for a while and I recognized the actors, but I haven't watched it before.  I know I am late, but it's nice 'cuz I can marathon it.  It's been about a week and a half since I started and I'm already on the sixth season.  Guess I just have too much on my hands.  Anyways, Jensen Ackles is beautiful, especially in the reference pic.  God, those eyes.  I don't have much experience with white people or stubble, but I figured I would give it a shot.  It was discouraging, though, because I found other fanart, of the same pic, and everyone elese's looked a billion times better.  I messed up on the colour of his eyes.  Went a bit too blue and I couldn't fix it :/


I want to practice more with drawings non-Asian people.  I need to invest in proper paper.  See if that helps in what I am lookign for.  Jensen is great to start of with.
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31 December 2013 @ 07:36 pm
Anyone know where to get a good quality version of Beautiful World.  I realized I don't have the full concert, just a few clips.
18 November 2013 @ 07:03 pm
This has to be my favouirte shot from the MV.  It is such a weird MV, but it's totally TOP. Everyone should go watch it, like, now.
I didn't like the song, but re-watching the MV over and over again I have grown to love it.  I can stumble my way through it because seriously, who can seriously follow this O_o

I tried this on a smaller piece of paper, like usual, but I just couldn't get the proportions and angle right.  I spent at least 5 hours, but probably 10 or so total, drawing this over the course of a few days.  Most of that time was spent on the lineart.  To get it perfect.  I tried new techniques, too.  Like, using some tissue to smudge instead of my fingers.  I also didn't do the hair as in the screencap.  I couldn't be bothered, to be quite honest.  Plus, the cup was actually my main focus ^^; (sorry TOP!)

tabi 002
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07 November 2013 @ 12:56 am
I'm on a roll!  Just quickly uploading it before I go to bed.  I'll write somewhat of a proper entry after work tomorrow ><

ohno 002